Guard your Lips, Guard your Life – John Bidaurreta

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I recently heard a story of a few high school seniors who went on a mission trip to India and had practiced a few basic phrases in Hindi. For whatever reason they thought they were saying “thank you” but were in fact saying  “Praise the Lord”. So whenever someone refilled their glass of water or helped them with their luggage or … Read More

Running The Race – Andrev Baltazar

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Last Month, we started the series “Running the Race” at our Santa Rosa campus. The Lord had been impressing in my heart to remind myself and others that we are all in a race that our lives are like being in a race. Sometimes, people are not aware, that is why they don’t run. Some are aware but they don’t … Read More

The Image of the Father – Dustin Box


“My goal, as a parent, is not to get my child to have good behavior.” This is a statement I sometimes make and it is interesting the varied reactions I often get. Depending on the person’s beliefs or home they grew up in, I’ve gotten everything from, “Yeah, cause it’s impossible!” to “Uhhhh, that’s exactly what the goal is.” After … Read More

Sing A New Song – John Bidaurreta

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Do you ever find yourself singing the blues? Maybe not literally singing blues songs out loud, but you catch yourself complaining. Maybe just grumbling or whining to those around you. You may even start asking questions like, why me God? Or, what did I do to deserve this? Then eventually you just end up worrying up a storm and meditating … Read More