Radiant Women’s Night Has Been Postponed

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They looked to Him and were RADIANT. (Psalm 34:15).   Due to the current situation in our area, we have to postpone this event until further notice. If you have already registered, you will be receiving a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

What is Growing in the Tall Grass? – John Bidaurreta & Mao Winesberry

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From my teenage years to my early twenties, I worked as a landscaper with several members of my family. Many springs and summers I spent countless hours operating a powerful gas weed whacker, mowing down overgrown yards and tall grass. You never knew what you were going to find once the brush and debris were cleared away. My good friend Mao Winesberry … Read More

Current Message Series

Minor Prophets, Major Messages   Follow Me Imagine Re | Restore, Refresh, Revive InteGRITy Part 1 – Worship & Integrity: Message Notes | Discussion Guide Part 2 – Work & Rest: Messages Notes | Discussion Guide Part 3 – Communication: Message Notes Part 4 – Your Going To Make It: Discussion Guide Part 5 – Relational Integrity: Discussion Guide All … Read More