Let the Fire Fall – Rachel Klinge


During summer evenings for many decades, visitors would gather on the Yosemite Valley floor and cry out, “Is the fire ready?” An answer would then be shouted down from the top of Glacier point, towering 3,200 feet above the valley floor, “The fire is ready!” In turn the spectators would cry, “Let the Fire Fall!” Which was then followed by, “The Fire Falls!” as a huge bonfire’s IMG_4953 (3)glowing embers would be pushed over the edge and tumble down, creating an awe inspiring waterfall of fire.

This historical event reminds me of how much God wants to fan into flame His fire in your life. It was said of Jesus that he would baptize with the Holy Spirit and FIRE. He would light up your life! I believe it’s paramount we be reminded that the fire of the Holy Spirit is always available, and our hearts should cry over and over again, “Let the fire fall”! Don’t allow criticism, fear, or anything else snuff out the fire burning in you.

1 Thessalonians 5:19 urges us not to “put out the Spirit’s fire”. Let nothing diminish what God is doing in you and through you. Instead, kindle what God has ignited in your life. Add fuel till there is an inferno of God’s love, goodness, and graciousness blazing in you. While you may be standing in the valley today looking up to heaven, wondering if this word is for you, be assured the fire is ready and ready to fall!