Prophetic Word – Lindsey Boasso

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This morning’s prayer time: Tuesday Oct. 25

God clearly showed me how many believers out there right now are being pounded by the enemy. Across the board, Christians are individually in their personal ‘pits’ trying to get their heads above water. He showed me the heaviness and what can feel like a ‘black out’ for many…. ‘Hard to breathe’ at moments is how I would describe what I am being shown. Some are feeling like they have to fight for life everyday right now….spiritually, physically, emotionally. I sensed believers all over loosing hope in their hearts, desperately clinging to what they once knew of God to answer their private prayers. And then, like a raging bull, I felt the presence of God speak loudly over these ones….. He was reminding each believer about the inward choice to choose His face NO MATTER WHAT. (This is directly what pastor Caleb preached about, having integrity (grit specifically) in the face of trial.) God brought me back to the Song of Songs 4:4 when He said over the Shulamite ‘your neck is like the tower of David, built for an arsenal, whereon hang a thousand buckler’s- all of them shields of warriors.’ (Amplified version.)

What this verse means is that our choice (represented by the neck in this verse) to look at heaven, to even just glance in Jesus’ direction, is one of the MOST POWERFUL weapons against the gates of hell. God says that NO matter how weak, how vyesulnerable, how even half-hearted that moment is when we stare down heaven and look for God alone-it scares the enemy in the worst ways. So much so that he compares that choice of ours (neck) to that of King David’s store houses of weapons for battle. Imagine!! All the giant hangers and underground places where the United States stores weapons and the like for a world war-THIS IS WHAT YOUR YES TO JESUS, though it be weak or faint, is like to the enemy!!!

Then God went on to explain “why” this act of spiritual warfare, if you will, is so detrimental to the enemy’s camp, and it gets even better here! The Lord said Satan knows – HEAR ME- Satan knows exactly what you are promised, what you are praying for, what is about to be released over your life …. He can see it clearer than you at this moment, and it scares the heck out him. This tactic to completely derail the believer with hopelessness, depression, anxiety, fear, self-loathing, pain, sickness, etc., is a ‘last ditch effort’ on the part of the enemy!!! It’s a LAST ditch effort, so dig in and stay tucked under the wing of the almighty.  No matter what you do just keep glancing His way. It’s on the way! He hears you; he sees you; he is going to move FOR YOU❤️